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Strategy & Consulting

Accelerate the adoption and success of technology in your business.

We are here to assist your business on your digital journey through utilising our knowledge, skillset and experience to help elevate your business' service or product.

Design & Development

We work with you to ensure the solution is designed and developed for your custom solution.

We focus on understanding your business, pain points and team to guarantee the correct solution. We will then work toward developing your MVP (minimum viable product). Once available we can launch a prototype that will enable you to use and test your product early with users.

Training & Support

Get the extra help you need, and get it done right, on time, and in budget.

Our ongoing partnerships turn our team into your very own in-house support team who are on hand when you need it most. From data analytics, visualisation, automation to software development and training, we're ready to assist when you need it.

Our Services

Data Analytics

“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby

Cyberlytica assists business to better utilise the data they have/collect to reinforce business decision making and enhance quality of a service/product.

Data Visualisation

"Visualisation gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had." - Ben Schneiderman

Let us help your business interact and communicate with data more effectively and efficiently.

Data Automation

Let computers do the heavy lifting for you

Through data automation, reap the benefits of more time to focus on the higher order tasks and alleviate your business from monotonous tasks.

Software Development (Web & Desktop)

We have experience building cross platform custom applications.

Cyberlytica can help you build the product/service you desire on any platform; through proven experience in Python, Javascript, C/C++ and systems development.

Full Stack Development

We have experience in various technologies

Cyberlytica has experience in many different programming languages and technologies, ensuring the correct language/technology is used for your project and we are malleable for assisting on existing products.

Solution Architecture

We ensure that our solutions integrate with your systems seamlessly.

By consistent & clear communication with your business, we ensure any solution Cyberlytica assists on developing will be the correct solution to meet your requirements.

Personalized Education Courses

We have a passion for ensuring you are fully equipped with any solution.

We are able to construct an interactive learning experience for common software applications (eg, Microsoft Excel), to elevate the skillset of your business and team.


Meet the Team

Jack McKew


I founded Cyberlytica in 2019 to assist companies in reaching their potential through my skillset and devoted passion for automation, data science and software development.

I currently author, maintain and curate my own personal blog around these topics, which can be found at:

I hold a strong passion for problem solving through technology and enjoy sharing with others to uplift the skillsets around me; having previously led Australia wide training sessions on Excel to over 100 multidisciplinary professional engineers. In which I used an interactive learning experience to demonstrate how to utilise Excel and other programs to enhance company deliverables and improve team efficiencies.

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